Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Insatiable India

I tried.
I really tried to narrow down my hundreds and hundreds of India pics to the 10 best. 
THAT proved to be an impossible task..
So here, instead, are my top 19. :)
Delhi, Old and New:

Jama Masjid -- the largest mosque in India!
Henna'd up!
Agra (Home of the Taj Mahal):


View from the Ganpati Guesthouse.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Scenes from Sri Lanka

My friend Sara and I spent four days in Sri Lanka, before heading to our main vacation destination, India, just north of this teardrop of an island. We spent the majority of our time in and around Kandy -- the Kandy Hills... yes, it's as picturesque as it sounds. 

While strolling through the city, we stumbled upon this lovely temple just off of a main street. As I was slowly walking around inside, enjoying the tranquility of the place, a woman walked up and dotted my forehead with a bindi made from a medley of spices: 

Batik Shopping, of course:

We took an "elephant bath" at the Millennium Elephant Foundation, then proceeded to ride around, barebacked (which I recommend... Not only is it more exciting, but riding on those seats atop an elephant can harm the animal's vertebrae):

Inside the Temple of the Tooth Relic in Kandy, which was surrounded by playful monkeys:

Scenes around town:

One evening, we took in a Kandyan Traditional Dance Performance. It was followed by a nighttime show of Sri Lankan men walking across hot coals and doing tricks with fire...:

Inside a Sri Lankan tea factory (which was special for me to see, because my uncle used to own a Sri Lankan tea company):

Sigiriya Rock, where a King built his palace at the top in the 400s AD. It later became a Buddhist monastery, and now ancient ruins remain, as well as some beautiful cave paintings.

Taking the train back to Colombo: Quite an experience. We ate hoppers on leaf plates, and watched the numerous ballsy dudes hanging from the train...: 

Up next: INDIA!! A photographer's paradise...


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