Sunday, February 6, 2011

And so the adventure begins...

So did you, too, experience the Dallas "superstorm" ? That lovely week of snow and ice... If so, I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you cozied up next to a fire with hot cocoa in hand; relished in the beauty of the white, blanketed powder outside of your window. I hope you had a snowball fight with your buds; made an entire village of snow angels. I hope you had a blast. Because the snow and ice kicked MY butt. Packing and moving sucks to begin with. But doing it (or being unable to) during a WEEK of bad weather is just a whole new level of aggravation.

My mom and I had been staying with my brother in Plano before the ice from Hell (ironic?) struck. Since the city of Dallas essentially shut down for the next couple of days, we were stranded; my apartment in Lewisville, still brimming with a boatload of things to pack up or get rid of before my departure on Saturday morning (mind you, it was already Wednesday before we really even got started). I probably gave Goodwill about half of my apartment. But I will say -- it's a pretty neat experience learning to "detach" from your material belongings. It's liberating to just let go.

But, oh, there was stress. A lot of stress. Some crying--even bawling at times (it's therapeutic). And I may not have been the most pleasant person to be around those last few days before hitting my flight. But thank God for Mom and Alex for putting up with my panic and, at times, hysteria. Everyone (except for Kat!) who had promised to pick up my large furniture to hold onto until I got back from Korea bailed because of the weather, and though understandable, it put me in quite a predicament. It was difficult, knowing my deadline was fixed. Come Saturday morning, I'd be on a plane headed to the other side of the world whether or not I was finished clearing out my apartment (And in case you're wondering, my mom had to drive back home to Corpus Christi right after I left, and my bro works almost non-stop, so I didn't have anyone who could stay with my stuff and make sure it all got picked up...thus, my worry).

Somehow, we managed to get it all done in the time of about two days. I ended up leaving the big stuff behind for people to come pick up that weekend with the apartment manager, and my mom and I filled our cars with whatever was left. By Friday night, we set back out towards Plano.

Let me just tell ya...I will NOT miss having to use my car while in Korea. It doesn't have a heater, which wasn't a big deal when I was living in Corpus. But for the past three winters in Dallas, I've spent countless car rides wrapped in coats and blankets and still shivering to the bone. And the drive back to Plano was no exception. Already pissy, it felt like there were 50 lb. weights on each of my shoulders to begin with... But then my windshield kept fogging up with the cold, so I had to blast freezing air the entire time from my defroster... And you know when you scoop up a huge wad of snow with bare hands to make a snowman or snowball, only to realize it was a bad idea going glove-less because your hands are now so cold it feels as though millions of tiny needles are pricking every last square inch of your phalanges? Yeah, my toes. The whole way.

We finally got to my bro's place and luckily, he and his girlfriend had made chili. I scooped myself a bowl and immediately plopped down in the bathtub with it while the hot water slowly defrosted me. It was wonderful.

You'll have to excuse my venting...It needed to come out, but I promise its over. I am currently on my way to South Korea now, so happiness ensues; I just ate a delicious bowl of bibimbap (a Korean "hot pot" dish) and some seaweed miso soup, so my tummy is happy. Korean Air is really a wonderful airline! I've enjoyed it even more than the JAL airline. Oh, and the flight attendants are adorable! They dress like this:

And, yes, they really do keep the wine a-flowing. I like this country already.

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