Friday, February 11, 2011

I got into a fight today.

Today I did taekwondo. Not only that, I fought Alex and Roman (which really just meant trying to step on each others’ toes and swat each others’ shoulders while in a taekwondo stance). It was really fun but – oh my goodness—exhausting! It hurt to walk back up the stairs afterward. I’m definitely going to be sore tomorrow. At the end of the class, the taekwondo masters had two guys in our class fight each other in front of everyone. The Korean guy who does taekwondo beat the white guy, unsurprisingly. But then the masters wanted two girls to come up and fight. Just as I leaned over to threaten Alex with what I’d do to him if he volunteered me, the rest of my class did! Ugh. So I dragged myself up there and went up against a Korean classmate. Yeah, you can guess who won. I really did try though! Afterward, the instructors did some cool stuff and broke a board for us and all that jazz. ...I was certainly impressed.

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