Friday, February 11, 2011

Paper dolls and Taekwondo.

We took a trip to Seoul yesterday for the orientation opening ceremony.

The ceremony started with some speeches from people with the program, followed by these cuties. They sang for us and danced a little, too.
The next performance they had for us was this jazz group, which featured three traditional Korean instruments.And finally, the Taekwondo ninjas did their thing. It started out with a bunch of little ones, but then they began "battling" with the older crew. They were absolutely amazing.I was definitely a groupie.
After the ceremony, we explored the city a bit in the Insa-dong area. This temple stood right next to the city. My Korean leader, Suna, told me that the temple had been built by the Japanese when Korea was taken over by them. But it was rebuilt about 100 years ago. I THINK I have that right...?We grabbed some food in this area. My tonkatsu (pork cutlet) was INCREDIBLE! I dedicate this next picture to Julie, my coffee sistah. They are pretty much the same as in America, except that they are generally a few stories tall and have nicer-looking pastries.

Today our "lectures" began. This is what I learned to do in my first lecture...
We also learned how to make Korean paper dolls. They had the females making girl dolls and the dudes, guy dolls; however, my roommate switched with a guy and made a groom for my bride :) We now have them proudly displayed in the window of our room.
Now we really ARE going to start having lectures pertaining to teaching. These were all just fun culture lessons to teach us about the country. I definitely enjoyed arts & crafts day, though!

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