Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gyeongju Photo Overload

After our orientation in Jochiwon, they towed us all on over to Gyeongju for our regional orientation. It was fun. I learned a little. But mostly, I just bonded with the people in my province more. At a hotel. That had its own bath house. And a restaurant with waitresses in traditional hanboks (pictures below).

My roomie, Shannon, and our humble abode for four days...
The Kolon hotel.
We watched beautiful sunsets from the patio every night.
The vegetarian table. AKA: The special ed table in Korea. (I'm not actually a veg.. I was just giving Alex moral support)
The waitresses always wore hanboks. They are traditional dresses in Korea. We got to try them on one day :) (I will find a picture and post it soon...)
We visited Bulguksa Temple, which was just up the road from our hotel.
A monk in passing.
Afterward, they took us all out to dinner at this place where you cook your pork on your table and sit on the floor... I have forgotten all Korean terminology. But it was good.
(Happy that our tummy's are full)
This is the Homigot in the town of Pohang. There is one hand coming out of the water and another that comes out of the ground on land. They are supposed to be holding the sun at sunrise.
Alex giving it a high-five.
A street vendor. I bought this sausage-wrapped-in-corn-dog-and-french-fries thing from her. But she also sold these bug-things(right) and shells that you suck the juices out of(left). I passed on those. Maybe one day? Hmmmno.
At dinner that night, the hotel treated us to a special performance...
Gyeongbuk is a pretty cool province. I'm glad that I'm here. :)

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