Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter in Korea

For Easter, I had my kiddos make paper mache Easter eggs.

Step 1: Balloons!

Step 2: Mix the secret ingredients.

Step 3: Make a gooey paste. (Their favorite part!)

Step 4: (not pictured) Second graders: Quite possibly the biggest mess one will ever experience (I was ready to scream.. oh, wait. I DID.)

Step 5: Messy part, complete (Thank God)

Step 6: Paint, paint, paint!

Finished products:

A paint war was brought on by my co-teacher. Awesome.

After the paper mache nightmare, the second graders were thereby banned from holding any paintbrushes whatsoever in their little hands. So we made mini-Easter baskets instead. And they had an Easter egg hunt...or, I guess I should say cupcake tin hunt (which is what I used to put candy inside of, since plastic eggs are not exactly a hot commodity in South Korea).

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