Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Korea is turning me into a GIRL.

Spring has arrived! The brown, lifeless hills are finally awakening with colorful buds in green, pink, violet and white. I've also thoroughly been enjoying the warming weather; but -- admittedly -- even more so, the Spring fashion. Koreans are excellent dressers. Whenever I used to watch the Notebook, I would think to myself, why can't we all still dress like they did in the '40s. Everyone was just so polished and presentable. Well, I can say to you now -- welcome to South Korea.

Just wandering around downtown is like having a front row seat to a never-ending fashion show. It's bad. I was once the girl who would nightly plan her outfit for the following day. Fashion thrilled me, and, quite frankly, got me through high school. Because, otherwise, those were some of the most hell-ish years. I loved using random things I had lying around in my room to create new accessories. I wanted to be a fashion designer. Of course, life gets busy when you have to grow up. And you start to get lazy when you have a monstrous load of college classes. I just quit caring so much. Sweats and top-knots slowly became my dress code. But, let me tell you -- seeing so many creative Korean outfits this weekend re-lit a spark inside of me. I'm afraid I'm becoming obsessed with fashion again. And it doesn't help that delicate, lacy, grandma's-closet-vintage -- my absolute love -- is what seems to be in in this country right now.

My mouth waters just walking past the decadent window displays. Cardigans, lace, Romantic-infused garb, oh my! I'm embarrassed to even be admitting all this... I just feel like such a girl.

But you know what? That's precisely what I am, so I say, hmph! Let me be girly, gosh darnit. Therefore, I dedicate this particular blog post to sharing with you the current trends I'm seeing all over Korea right now. Enjoy:

1) Lace collars. I've been seeing these a lot. A LOT. And I never get tired of them!

2) Lady-like dresses. Delicate. Ultra-feminine. They're doll dresses, really.

3) Fitted blazers. No, they're not only for business professionals and school girls here in Korea.

4) Chiffon layered skirts. I mostly see these in black, but they're popping up everywhere. I haven't been a skirt gal in quite some time now, but, dangit, I want one!

5) Plush, over-sized cardigans. This is the single, most-worn item in all of Korea, I think. Which makes me oh-so-happy. I love a good cardi. And so do Korean girls. I've already bought three since I've been here. :-/ I blame them for influencing me...

6) Tights under shorts. Though the weather has only recently begun to warm, the ladies here have been busting out the shorts for a while now. They all (well, almost all) just wear tights beneath their cut-offs. It's actually quite cute. I haven't owned jean shorts in, oh, almost 10 years. It might be time to change that.

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