Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Monkey Show!

I like monkeys, OK?

Alex and I kept seeing posters all over Yecheon for this "Wizard of Oz: Monkey Show." Monkeys? We're in. It's not like we were expecting a full-on Barnum and Bailey Circus meets "The Dark Side of the Moon" or anything (OK, maybe I was hoping a little...), but we figured it would still be pretty good. We even drug our friend Sean along. Too bad the posters failed to clarify "Ages 5 and under." We were definitely the oldest, non-child accompanying individuals there. And I'm almost glad we couldn't understand what exactly was being said. I think it made the show just a bit better that way. 

But, hey, I can't complain -- we still got to see some monkeys and they weren't being treated badly (other than the fact that they had to wear ridiculous hats that they clearly weren't feeling). So I was a happy lil' camper amongst the other four- and five-year-olds waving their flashing wands around in the dark.

Oh, and the tin man monkey was a total diva, which made my day. Divas suck. But when it's a monkey? Well, hey, that deserves a pass.

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