Monday, June 20, 2011

Crafting for Orphans

I spent this past Saturday outdoors, getting a massive sunburn on my shoulders. But that's okay, because it turned out to be an amazing afternoon. A bunch of fellow foreigners and I got together to raise money for orphanages in our province. A few of the girls started a volunteer organization through which they will build relations with several nearby orphanages. Apparently in Korea, you can't just strut into an orphanage and hang out with the kids, hold babies and whatnot. They have to get to know you and really trust you. Of course, they will always gladly accept money, so that's the starting point.

A couple of the girls and I made jewelry to sell. There was face painting, hair wrapping, and some of the guys got together and played music to draw in the crowds. They were essentially gold mines, as they brought in most of the money we made that day. Which, incidentally, totaled 455,000 won....Pretty dang good I'd say.

 I wrapped hair while Alex played his horn. Crafting and music -- our favorite things. And we got to do them together.
As the guys were playing their final song, an older Korean man walked up to the open guitar case and dropped a 50,000 bill in. It was momentous.
The gang.

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