Monday, June 13, 2011

Girls Weekend in Seoul

My friend Anna and I had a lovely little females-only weekend in Seoul. We checked everything off of our to-do list...except bungee jumping. It's probably a good thing, though, due to the fact that I need to be saving more money. Ugh, to be an adult...  ;-P

Anyway, I shall narrate with pictures. Let's begin.

Everything is freaking green and beautiful in Korea right now! I took this from the train on the way there... Gorgeous.

After some hugs, first stop: Doggy Cafe. This was in Myeong-dong.We were flagged in the right direction by a giant Snoopy drinking Smoothie King.

Lots of cuddling with cute, furry bundles of happiness. Pure bliss.

Afterward, we stopped at a favorite Indian food place of Alex's and mine that was just around the corner. Mmmm.... (Note: Anna wants her house to look like this.)


Once we had our fill of Myeong-dong, we subway'd on over to Hongdae for the Hello Kitty Cafe. (Note: Anna ALSO wants her house to look like this.)



 (We're so Korean with our hearts...)

There's an area filled with rocks that people have written on. We added three to the collection... Here's one of mine:

The bathrooms are even adorable!

Can't miss the "Luxury" Ho Bar in Hongdae. Or the other six of them... (why yes, there's actually a Ho Bar, Ho Bar 2, Luxury Ho Bar, etc etc. I think the "Ho" is short for Hongdae? I THINK.) Also, a man giving his dog a piggy bag ride to keep it away from the "mean" dog... I'm just not even surprised, this being in Korea...
We're fun. See?

Man oh man, we found this adorable place on a side street and dropped in for a glass of wine. They brought out fresh, homemade mashed potatoes with our drinks. Haven't had those in, oh, six months... Heaven.

Pretty, pink, and jjimjilbanging overnight like the cheap foreigners that we are. 

Next day, we headed to the Southeast side of Seoul for bungee jumping. With our luck, the jump site was closed because it was a holiday (though the website DID say "open 365, yes even holidays!" Soo... we just played with ducklings, got ice cream, and enjoyed the beautiful park instead.

And then it was time for a stop at Gangnam. We hunted down this place until we were blue in the face (ya like that?) but finally found it -- Namu Gunur. It's one of the few coffee shops left that has Dr. Fish (Garra Rufa) --  these small tanks in which you dunk your feet while tiny fish nibble away at your dead skin. I absolutely loved it. It seemed extrememly pricey at first (KRW6,000+ for a drink), but they actually give you a bowl, a plate, and two coffee cups, and there's a self-serve "buffet" of toast, fresh drip coffee, and that crispy popcorn-y stuff you get at the bar. 

Our faces...the entire time. It tickled so badly.

A nice man snapped our picture together (right). It took all that was in us to smile and not look like this (left).

Near the fish cafe was a TACO PLACCCCE! I used to eat Tex-mex on an almost daily basis before I came to Korea, so this place was an absolute treasure (There's not a whole lot of Mexican food in Korea, as you can probably guess...) We couldn't help but giggle at the sight of Korean guys cookin' up our Mexican food. I dunno... its just funny.

 Last stop of the night: Hillsong concert at Olympic Park. 
P.S. Totally made friends with that sweet lady in the background. She
invited me back to Seoul for church and lunch with her....awwwww!
It was truly amazing seeing so many people from all over the world -- Korea, Australia, Africa, Japan, China, America -- worshipping together; Koreans, whose native tongues are not English, were belting out the lyrics with absolute joy on their faces. It was remarkable and inspiring. The best word I can use to describe it is genuine
All I could think to myself the entire time was, if this many people all over the world and not just in Bible Belt, America -- people of a completely separate culture and society -- if all these people can know Jesus, have a relationship and connection with the Lord, then how can non-believers even exist. I mean, I understand how. I've heard all of the counter-arguments of atheists and, yes, many of them are logical. But I think that's the problem. The majority of atheists are truly intellectual and have such a hard time grasping the idea of this "invisible being." They need hard evidence, not elusive "opinion." It's not logical. But, simply put, God defies logic. I'm just throwing it out there that I definitely understand where atheists are coming from. But all I can say is, if so many people have found this "impossible" Christ, then perhaps the best advice for atheists is to just keep looking. I mean, I know that many Christians make it hard to want to be a Christian, I do. I went to a Baptist college for a year-and-a-half. I understand. But the important thing is to separate the REAL, TRUE message of Christ (essentially, love) from the christianity that you see projected by imperfect beings; the "religious" christianity that has sprung wars, conflicts, hate; you have to separate the ritualistic religiosity from the spiritual and understand that humans make a mess out of all of this sometimes, not God. All God does is bring awareness to the meaning of life, when you truly understand Jesus' message. I just think atheists (and even struggling believers) need to stop trying so hard to prove why God can't exist and instead, try to understand how so many people from so many places and walks of life -- people who weren't raised as strong believers or Christians at all (you know, the ones who haven't blindly followed what their parents taught them, never having actually questioned their beliefs for themselves...) --are solid that He does exist. Step one is understanding the unflawed message of love and true life that is at the heart of real Christianity. But anyway, sorry -- this big hunk of run-on sentences has been on my mind ever since that evening and it needed to come out, apparently. Maybe it will help you? Or maybe you're just annoyed. Either way, sermon complete. :)

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  1. I LOVE YOUR PICS! I WANT TO STEAL THEM WHEN I COME VISIT YOU! Love reading your blog! xoxoxo.



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