Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hair story

Who dyes their hair on a whim right before heading off to school?

Me, apparently. It’s just a reddish-brown, so don’t get too excited.

Things you should know about Korean hair dye:

1)  It doesn’t reek of chemicals that make you feel like you’re going to dye (I'm funny.)

2)  It’s made from charcoal and squid ink, so it’s pretty natural (although, vegetarian Alex hates that I use it, because squid had to die for it)

3) It lasts longer and looks better and is cheaper than getting it done professionally at a salon…from my experience, anyway [(the hair guy just asked me, “do you want orange-y, yellow-orange-y, or red-orangey?”… “Ummm….none of the above?”) I ended up going with “yellow-orange-y” – which, incidentally, washed out in the next five shampoos).]

P.S. I also got glasses a couple of weekends ago... $15 (KRW15,000) for an eye exam and frames! Hooray!
That's my parents' wedding picture back there on the wall... It just so happens
to be hiding the MOLD growing on my wallpaper..!!

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