Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm a Fashionista Travelista...wannabe

Sometimes I get really excited in the morning about getting dressed for the day. I've usually inhaled some coffee by then, and it's suddenly like I'm back in high school, sketching each day's outfit into my bedazzled fashion journal. Yeah, I did that.

I'm suddenly mixing patterns and a little grunge like it's 1992, breaking all the fashion "rules" and tossing glorious vintage into the mix. I do a little topping off with my $9 Korean sunglasses, à la 1940s glam and I'm off to school...

...Only to walk past rice fields and small farm patches spilling over with lush, green crops. I nod as I bustle on past the old Korean men in mechanic shops en route, dirt and grime smeared across their leathery, line-filled faces. I see four men squatting Korean-style next to a construction job; they simply stare as I walk past. Suddenly, I feel ultra-awkward. I try to not to make eye contact. Why did I dress up again? I'm going to teach elementary kids English for three hours in rural Korea, for goodness sakes! I then suit-up in casual jeans and a cotton tee for the next three days...

Today was one of those days.

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