Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"What the heck?!" Wednesdays

Me on a daily basis.
Koreans have a sweating problem. And by problem, I mean they don't sweat.

I come into school everyday, after faring a scorching, Korean-Summer walk, looking like I just finished running a marathon. It never fails -- I sit down at the lunch table, wet hair matted to my forehead, my neck and arms glistening from a thin layer of sweat. And then there's everyone around me, dry as a bone. Some are even wearing long sleeves.  What?! The students just stare and point at my "water."

You may be thinking to yourself that I'm the one with the sweating problem, but oh no! Most of my foreigner friends share identical sweat stories. Koreans have the problem! Or maybe it's a blessing. 

Yes, it definitely is. 
(They also have really great skin and they age well. Another reason to be jealous.)

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