Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Everything IS cute in Korea.

Can I have one?   The kids are cute, too..
Sheep heads. Lamb ears. Sheep ears. Princess Leia hairdos. Headphones. Whatever you want to call them, they are the coolest thing to happen to jjimjilbangs. Okay, so they are in my head, at least, because I never knew how to make them. Longingly, I'd stare at Korean after Korean with the coveted sheep head towel origami wrapped on their pretty little heads... Finally, this weekend, a pair of cute Japanese girls at the jjimjilbang taught me how to make them. (I also learned that I could've just Googled the matter and it would've been the second image to pop up in Google images.) That aside, I want to impart my new wisdom to you, dear readers (assuming you actually exist), so that, wherever you are, you can wear a sheep head, too.

I'm a cool one...

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