Saturday, July 2, 2011

Joy to the fishies in the deep blue sea

So yesterday, I had my students making "paper dolls" of themselves as what they want to be when they grow up. I had passed out writing utensils so they could write their names, but Logan quickly ran up to exchange his red marker and mumbled something about dying. I was confused, but later learned that in Korea, it is believed that if your name is written in red, you will die. Mhmm. That's probably good to know. Noted for the future...

Anyhoo --I'm keeping chit-chat to a minimum today. Below are [way too many] pictures from the Coex Mall Aquarium in Seoul. It was way awesome and super-creative in so many ways... If ever you find yourself in Seoul, do drop by.

 The fish at the entrance lived in doll houses -- so cute. And yes, there was actually a bunny on a bridge in the aquarium....

I was this happy, too.

 The coolest part of the aquarium had fish tanks in the most unsuspecting of places... here are just a few.

 Prairie dogs. I about broke the glass so I could take this little guy home. :(

It wasn't so much an aquarium as it was a mini-zoo.

Sparkly piranhas. 

Two-headed turtle...s?
Electric eel... man they are ugly.
I just want to believe that they were kissing.

Yes, the aquarium had one of these rooms...complete with a conveyor
belt. No need to walk when there's so much to look at. 

Flipping off the sea turtle? Perhaps.

 One of the most beautiful tanks of fish I've ever seen!


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