Friday, July 15, 2011

"What the heck?!" Wednesdays

1) I wouldn't so much mind my gifts being re-gifted, if, because the gift didn't quite tickle recipient's fancy, it was re-gifted behind my back. But twice now my mentor teacher has given away gifts I gave her -- right in front of me. Perhaps it's just Korean culture and doing so is not that big a deal? Or maybe it's OK pertaining to food items if recipient is watching his/her weight? (which has been the case both times) But still -- must the giving away be done right in front of me? Can't it not wait, like, I don't know, 10 minutes?

2) Blood Type. It's a way-too-common thing around here. I mean, in America we DO have "Eat Right for your Blood Type" books and whatnot. But if someone were to flat-out ask you "What's your blood type?" you wouldn't nonchalantly reply "AB" and walk off unfazed, right? NO! You would think they're crazy! But not in Korea.

Blood type is like Astrology. You can tell a lot about a person by their blood, after all. And since there are only four types of personalities walking this earth, why wouldn't you consider their blood type? WHAT?!

Basically, it goes as follows:
<A> The timid, fearful one, as my Korean co-teacher informed me. Self-conscious, conservative, reserved, patient, punctual and uptight, said a Google search.
<B> These guys are moody, said my co-teacher. Also, creative, forgetful, individualistic, passionate and irresponsible.
<AB> "My friends tell me I'm crazy because I am this blood type," my co-teacher said. So besides just "crazy," the Web says: good with money, yet unpredictable. Some are distant and prefer harmony, while others are two-faced and, therefore, untrustworthy. Hmmm....
<O> Co-teacher says these people are friendly and optimistic. Also, ambitious, athletic, self-confident and/or arrogant, insensitive, and vain, according to Web.

...And positives and negatives are simply unaccounted for, I'm assuming?

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