Sunday, August 7, 2011


Oh, hey, nice tan/burn lines ya got there... (Us & Noot)
I'm in Thailand right now (thus, the lack of posting) and there's just so much I could write about (and will, eventually!) There's also a rather large and steadily-growing quantity of pictures coming soon of -- as my friend's mom who's been showing us around would say -- "Real Thai." This probably won't happen until I return to Korea, however. In the meantime, Noot, our lovely Thai cooking instructor sent me these photos from a cooking class we took in Krabi several days ago. It was seriously the most fun I've had yet (and that's saying a LOT.) And I don't even really enjoy cooking either. Whoa, I know. That good. If you're planning a trip to Thailand, I highly recommend checking this website out

The entire thing lasted most of the day and rounded out to about $50. Included was a tour of a local Thai market (meaning explanations on the weird and unfamiliar fruits and veggies and how-on-Earth to cook with them) and a course on cooking seven different Thai dishes. I made pad thai, a papaya salad, fresh spring rolls, veggie and tofu soup, phanang curry paste and curry, and a mango and sticky rice dessert (you get to choose what you wanna make -- Alex, for instance, skipped the soup and made two currys).

Side note -- I've only been here a week, but I've probably eaten pad thai at at least 15 or 20 different places and, ironically, the pad thai I cooked during this class was probably up there as one of the best I've had thus far. Not to toot my own horn, cause I definitely had help. But I'm just sayin' -- it was an incredible meal and it kept me full the entire day (and also left us with a ton of leftovers, perfectly packaged up for later). :-)

 The class took place in an open-air kitchen surrounded by tons of gorgeous palm trees and other tropical flora. We ended up being the only two in our particular class, so it was like a fun, private lesson. And Noot was the best.

...Not looking forward to going back to Korean food full-time. :(

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