Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ode to America: Oh, the things I long for...

My fellow Americans,

Do not -- I repeat, do not -- take your magical, modern comforts for granted! Yes, you live amidst variety, convenience and frugality, so I ask you to please appreciate these luxuries. Give 'em a warm, hearty THANK YOU for making your life easier, enjoyable, and much more comfortable. Most of the world is not as privileged to live the way that you do, with a multitude of amenities and so many different delicious foods at your fingertips -- not even little ol' tech-savvy Korea. Appreciation. :) That is the word of the day.


Some of the things I am currently missing (A WHOLE LOT):

1. Waking up with my blueberry bagel (cheap multi-packs can be hard to come by), a cup of REAL coffee (instant coffee is, unfortunately, the leading stimulant), and the Today show. Gotta love 'em.

2. My two precious C's-- Chikfila & Chipotle

3. Cheap TEXXXXXXMEXXXXXXXX!!! Or just Mexican food, in general...
Are you hungry yet? GOOD! Welcome to my life.

4. A dryer!! I now have a renewed appreciation for soft, dry, unwrinkled clothing.
The dynamic duo.

5. Okay, nothing against public transportation, because it's AWESOME and I do love it. And not to put down good old-fashioned walking, because I am more fit now. But I'm not gonna lie... I miss the convenience of having a car.


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