Friday, October 21, 2011

Gone Fishing

I told them "NO SWIMMING!"
Oh I am funny.
I've been Pinterest-ing like a madwoman lately. And it's got me feeling extra crafty. So here's one of the creative things I've done with my students lately to break up the monotony of BarryFunEnglish and Bingo. The fishing game! It's so easy to do and is applicable to any lesson. The way I do it is I cut out various colored fish to place in the "pond." There are two teams and one person from each team holds a pole. I tell them which color of fish I want them to catch and whoever gets it first gets to answer a trivia question for a point.

I just taped off a body of water using blue masking tape. I cut out fish shapes and put paper clips on each of them. Tied a string to two poles and secured a magnet at the end of each. Voila! Makes for a fun day at school.

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