Sunday, October 30, 2011

Multicultural Fest and all that good stuff

The weekend after the culture trip, I headed up to Jeomchon for the Multicultural Festival. A group of Jeomchonite foreigners and others from the surrounding towns came together to put on a festival for the community. There's a small Filipino community in the town, so they came out, as well, and showed off bits of their own culture, including their pretty pink outfits and Tinkling dance. The efforts were to bring together the different cultures in the community and show them that 우리는하나 -- We are one.

Face Painting little cuties... 
We taught the kiddos how to make paper flowers. 

The boys played their beautiful music. And even scored a donation from a one-year-old! That was awesome.

The beautiful Filipino ladies and their Tinkling dance.


I was extremely proud of this hair wrap... I think it was the coolest one I've done yet. I was so excited about it that I forgot to make the little girl pay. Oopsie. Oh well. Skye also helped visitors to color their country's flag and then write a message on the back. It was really beautiful when they were all hanging. (Side note: Her shirt said, "I'll sleep when I'm dead." Love that.)

Musical instruments to play and bracelets that we sold :)

A giant piano! I felt like Tom Hanks in Big.


  1. Aww! That looked like a lot of fun - loved that lil one year old!

  2. Aw, thanks for the comment, Boonie. No one ever leaves me any, makes me sad.. :( ha. Yes, he was so adorable, I almost took him home with me in my pocket.



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