Friday, October 21, 2011

WTF Thursdays

Nothing too spectacularly exciting happened yesterday -- the day I have set aside for all things weird that seem to happen to me here in Korea (called WTF Wednesdays...or "What the heck" Wednesdays, which is what it becomes when mom starts nagging me to not use the term, "WTF.").
Nope. It was waiting to strike today. Ok, so I don't have anything too over-the-top. Just some funny, a bit odd, and just-plain-rude things that happened today... Here we go:

1) Though the lesson was over numbers (some of them know trillion! I'm impressed...), the key words and phrases I somehow ended up teaching my 6th graders today were "poop," "You smell like poop," and "Your armpits stink." Oopsies.

2) While having dinner with Shannon tonight, I got a call from a strange number. I answered and it was "Mrs. Kim from Yecheon Dongbu" (My old elementary school from last semester). Well, I know at least five Mrs. Kims from Yecheon Dongbu, so that didn't narrow it down much. She didn't speak a whole lot of English, so I hesitated...thought about just hanging up because I didn't know who it was or what was going on. That's when she put her son Alex on the phone. It clicked -- I realized she was the woman who always cleaned my classroom. And I taught her son in one of my classes (well taught is a stretch, as he could hardly sit down in a chair.) She took me on a walk once, and taught me the phrase "gyeongshi jota," which means "beautiful scenery" in Korean. They called randomly, after not having spoken with me for at least three months, because Alex wanted to play the Beatles song he learned on his recorder for me. It was absolutely precious. The highlight of my day. I could tell that both Mrs. Kim and Alex's English had improved, too, so that made me really happy. I didn't exactly know when the phone call was supposed to end, but I think I hung up at the right time. :)

3) Shannon, our friend Bryan and I hopped in a cab shortly thereafter to go to a meeting. I had had an Americano earlier and was bouncing off the walls. I couldn't stop talking and -- though maybe a little annoying -- it wasn't to the point where the cab driven needed to turn the volume up on his radio to tune me out. But that's just what he did.... Jerk.

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