Wednesday, November 16, 2011

If you're a bird...

This weekend I went paragliding in the mountains of Danyang with three friends. Gorgeous, it was.

Getting ready to go: Maria was the only one who got to wear a full suit... I just got mittens.

Skye's take-off. We all seemed to just lift so abruptly, without being given any warning. It was kind of awesome and thrilling. Language barriers rock sometimes.

The ride itself wasn't too adrenaline-pumping... which is expected. It was just really peaceful up there.

Grandma toes.

Me and my dude.
 Upon completion of our flights, a Korean man (right) yelled out, "Hey you!" He wanted us to pay. I would've thought him to be rude if I didn't understand that it was probably the only English he knew. I soon discovered that he had a few more words up his sleeve when he said, "Hey you! Coffee time." The delivery was priceless. You just had to be there, I guess. What you didn't miss out on, however, was the butt grab I received when we took our pictures with him (the moment captured, also right). Not cool, man. Wipe that proud grin off your face.

We also visited a nearby cave, Gosu. It was beautiful and the fee was minimal. It also had the best signs.

"The bathing place of fairies" :

The goodbye sign. Oh, the goodbye sign... :

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