Friday, November 25, 2011

WTF Thursday

1. When Korea gets hooked on a song, they beat you over the head with it like a heavy stick until you pass out or your brain simply implodes. I know, I know. But it's seriously true. When I arrived in Korea nine months ago, it was all about the Americano song. You know, this one: 
I couldn't escape it, it was everywhere. It would be bursting through the speakers in one store, so I'd move on to the next...and there it would be again. Following me. It was even the set ringtone when I got my Korean phone. At the club, that...little...beat... 
I swear, every single song was laced with it!

These days, it's all about Party Rock Anthem. It won't stop. I see Korean boys shuffling in the streets on a daily basis. It won't stop. At bars and clubs, it's played every other song. Did I mention... 

2. On Tuesday, I hopped on the number 38 bus, only to discover that it was Market Day. I've never experienced a bus ride quite like that one before. At every bus stop a herd of wild ajummas (older Korean women) toting giant sacks of various crops would gather at the sliding door and then pile on, filling every square inch of the bus. The bus driver deserved an award, because it was almost impressive: 73 people on a single city bus. Sucks that I was in the back, that there was only one door which happened to be up front, and that I was one of the very first exiting passengers...That was a task if I've ever seen one.

3. Koreans are big on doing things together. God forbid one would ever eat alone. Go to a movie by yourself? Oh they would scoff at the very idea! My friend informed me the other day that there is apparently a teasing word in Korean for when someone is walking by their self. WHAT?! She was on a school picnic and one of the teachers was walking alone along a tree-lined walkway. Normal enough, right? Everyone needs their quiet time. But not in Korea. The other teachers just made fun of her, calling her that particular word. Whatever it is. Sorry, I don't know.

Happy Friday! 
Because mine officially will be at 4pm, when my open class comes to an end. Wish me luck -- I hate these things! 

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