Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WTF Wednesdays

I get to school today and find out that it's Teachers' Sports Day.
This = no class. Yet again. We're goin' on... I wanna say the seventh consecutive week where I haven't worked a full five days! Really. This I could get used to... Now. If only I wouldn't have taken a ball to the face when forced to compete in one of the volleyball matches.
Why wait till it gets dark, right?
In other news, I thought I'd share that every Monday and Tuesday, I go to work at my second, smaller school. Whenever I return to Andong (my city), the bus drops me off in front of Andong Elementary School. It never fails -- there's always a slew of leather-faced Korean men knocking back bottles of soju and makgeolli. They often call out to me; what they say, I'm not so sure. (Probably to come drink with them. Which -- for the record -- I would never do. Don't worry, Mom, I'm being cautious! Although, Alex and I once joined a crazy man who insisted on buying us beer at the bus station in the middle of the afternoon... That was a weird day...) Anyway, it just cracks me up, seeing old men drinking in a gazebo in front of an elementary school. Technically, on the property. In fact, I'm pretty sure the school probably owns that gazebo. This would never fly in the States (obviously)... Five dirty old men getting wasted in front of an elementary school? You know what THAT means.... But guess what? It's just a typical day in good ol' Korea. They're essentially harmless. It's just a different culture. Whatever. But even after almost a year, this still makes me laugh to myself.

Have a happy Wednesday! Cause you know these guys sure are.

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