Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fall/Winter Fashion Trends

So. I may have taken a slightly impromptu trip to Japan this past weekend... More on that in the next post.

But being in Japan had me thinking about Korean fashion v. Japanese fashion. Japanese people know style. Like, truly. Koreans dress extremely well, too, but I have to say -- it's generally pretty safe. Japanese people on the other hand get creative and unique. I still admire both countries' fashions, though. As far as the style which I'm entitling "prim and proper"--lace collars, baby doll dresses, blazers...that sort of thing-- both countries have it and both do it fairly similar, Japan pushing the envelope just a liiitle bit more, what with layers and such. The single fashion rule I've found that applies in both countries, however, is the leg rule. The more leg, the better. Even in winter. Just cover up with tights and throw on a short skirt or some cut-offs. It's all about the legs over here in Asia. My theory for the reasoning behind it is that Japanese and Korean girls have awesome legs from walking everywhere. Why not?

I picked up a fashion mag while over in Japan and decided I'd write about the styles I can't stop seeing around these parts. Maybe they're the same where you live? Let's see...

First of all, patterned tights. They are everywhere in Korea. You can literally get them in any color or pattern -- they have everything! And some are even lined with fur to keep you extra warm. :) They were huge last Winter, too.

I pulled the following picture off of G Market, Korea's eBay. It's a pretty good all-around representation of what's hot in Korea right now...

1) Sweaters with stringy or fluffy textures. 2) Like I said above, short skirts and shorts, paired with plush, oversize tops. 3) Big, baggy sweaters and cardigans. I don't think this trend will ever really leave. But this season, I've noticed a lot of 80s and early 90s- inspired sweaters...I especially saw a bunch in the boutiques in Hongdae. Think tacky Christmas sweater parties. 4) Skirt Leggings. They are stretchy skirts with leggings attached inside. I swear every Korean girl owns a pair. They are weird and I will never own one... or maybe I'm just bitter because my booty would never fit into those things and look normal ( I don't care if they're stretchy!), no matter how hard I tried. 

In Japan, a popular winter look is pairing a cropped sweater with a long skirt or even dress. I especially like this look with a navy and white-striped dress underneath. While passing through Vietnam a few months ago, I noticed quite a few girls wearing striped dresses paired with lacy blouses over the top. Loved it! Similar to this last look, but I think it'll be even better for when Spring rolls around...

As far as accessories go, scarfs and mufflers are an obvious one. The chunkier, the better. I've also seen girls in both countries rocking the fur collar.

Also spotted: A fair share of vintage-inspired beaded collars.

Denim shirts. I think they look especially cute paired with white slacks...

And, finally, as I stated in the beginning, the "prim and proper" fashion trend is pretty much always in in both countries -- I'd say in Korea more so than in Japan, though. Ladylike and vintage-inspired -- delicate blouses, chiffon & satin, baby doll dresses, collars, lace...Grandma's closet turned trendy.


  1. The denim shirts and the lace collars are a bit more '80s than those sweaters. As someone who wore the stuff the first time around. ; )

  2. haha!! these aren't really the 80s sweaters I was thinking of... there are some HARDCORE ones out there though... I don't know how I feel about them. haha



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