Thursday, December 22, 2011

WTF Thursdays (more crazy things are happening now that it's Winter!)

Picture this: I'm walking to the bus stop today. I go between two buildings, a flower shop and the Martini Bar. As I round the corner, I am met by the butt crack of a squatting woman with her pants down. She heard me coming and let out a startled whimper (as did I) before another sound met my ears which confirmed to me that she was indeed taking a leak.

Two things:
1) Where she was squatting to pee was facing directly toward oncoming traffic on a fairly busy street. So why she was surprised by my seeing her squatting there, I just don't know.

2) It is freezing today! Even though public bathrooms are a bit more on the scarce side here in Korea, I think I would've gone out of my way to find one. I don't think my bottom could handle a bite from the icy cold.

(For the record, it seems to be fairly common to take pees in public over here. I've seen too many men and babies weeing in the streets. But never women. This was a first. A horrible, awkward first...)

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