Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WTF Wednesdays

So I walked into the gym today and heard Lady Gaga's "Telephone" blaring through the speakers. It was surprising because it's usually sappy, slow K-Pop music I'm having to tune out while trying to keep my energy high during cardio. Let's just say it's a challenge when I forget my iPod. Lady Gaga is better than K-Pop at least, I thought to myself..

But then I walked into the main weights area and a handful of middle-aged men were crowded around the T.V., their eyes glued to the music video on the screen. Scenes that were essentially this:

This video is definitely risque, but it's still not a huge deal to see in America. In Korea, however, girls don't even wear low-cut shirts. Forget about cleavage! Nor is it common (especially where I live, which is not Seoul) to wear sleeveless shirts. Some friends even visited an East Coast beach here in Korea, where they were stared and pointed at by everyone and even followed around by a group of teenage Korean boys, because they were wearing bikinis. It was that not-normal. Short shorts, of course, are a different story, but that's besides the point. 

After Lady Gaga was finished, the oldest man put Britney Spears' "Slave for You" video on. And stared. They would all do a quick set. And then return to the T.V. Not only was I the only girl in the entire gym, but also the only person under 40 years of age. It was awkward. Had I not had a White Elephant Christmas Party to rush off to after 20 minutes of lifting...well, I would've rushed off anyway!

Happy W.T.F. Wednesday, people!

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