Friday, January 13, 2012

Hearth. Haven. Home.

It's sunny here and the enveloping, warm rays are slowing bringing life and Vitamin D back into my alabaster skin. Yes, I'm home. Corpus Christi, that is. South Texas for those who don't know. I recall laying out and "tanning" (as much as one with skin as pale as mine can tan) one Christmas a few years back. But I've never appreciated the tropical weather as much as I do now.

I was recently offered a position at Andong University, the Uni in my town back in Korea. It is such a fantastic job, and I am extremely fortunate. I'm telling you guys, it pays to attend all those parties around Christmastime -- the White Elephants and the Tacky Christmas Sweaters... I really had to push myself to go to this particular one, as I didn't know anyone who was going to be there. But in the end, I met amazing people and landed a sweet job, too. I could go on and preach about how being open and seeing every experience as a possibility or opportunity ultimately leads one to success. But we'll save that for another day. And I'll spare you the run-on sentences that I'm so inclined to write while we're at it.

Anyway, it's this new job that has allowed me to be home for a whole month and a half! I'm extremely lucky. Otherwise, it would've been maybe two weeks. But the way the contract dates line up, I have a full two months off. Woo hoo!! This means a definite pause in blogging for a while. But also a solid block of time to finally be with my family and friends here on the other side of the globe. My brother and I kicked things off right by sparing my parents the details of my homecoming and, instead, offering them up in surprise form. Let's watch:

(When my brother initially told my parents they had to be back home by a certain time for his "big surprise," they were certain it was going to be tickets to see "Fiddler on the Roof." ...WHAT??! hahahaha. Oh, silly parents.)

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