Saturday, January 7, 2012


My last two weeks have been spent imprisoned on a few acres in the middle of nowhere with 100 or so 5th and 6th graders. Aka: English Camp. Thus, my lack of blogging... No, it wasn't actually horrible. It was exhausting for sure, but still a lot of fun. I have a cute story --

On the bus on the way home from the camp, one of the little Korean boys behind me stuck his phone through the gap between the window and seat. I quickly snatched it from him, thinking he was playing a game with me. But then I looked at the screen and he had written, "You are so pretty!" Awww. It was written perfectly in English. Talk about a mini Casanova! He'll have the ladies lining up in a few years, for sure. Anyway, it was cute and it made my day.

That's something that I have always and still do appreciate about Korea. Korean people, young and old, are always quick to tell you how pretty they think you are. The ajummas are always smiling at me and saying "ye-ppu-da"...sometimes even taking my hand in their own and stroking it ever so gently. It's sweet.

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