Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cherry Blossom Petal Snowfall

So several weekends back, the amazing Korean friends I met through Korean language class last year invited me to Gyeongju to see the cherry blossoms. I swear I have the greatest outdoor adventures with this group (Last Fall, we did this).
Anyhoo, after the 2-hour train ride to Gyeongju together (complete with a Korean card game that is actually Uno and a birthday cake topped with candles) we taxi'd our way to Bomun Lake. Taxi'd because, well, there were human limbs actually protruding from the city bus, it was so packed. This is what we found:

One man thought it would be a great idea to climb atop his Hummer and get some up-close-and-personal shots with the blossoms. And it was brilliant. I'm really just jealous I couldn't climb atop my Hummer and take some pretty pictures...But, hey, that's why he makes the big bucks and owns that Hummer, while we, the huddled masses, rely on our trustworthy toes. But you know what? Maybe that's not his car at all. I wouldn't put it past him...We are in Korea, after all. Anything goes.

We wound our way along a gorgeous path lining the lake (which happens to be teeming with swan boats) until we stumbled upon a Korean folk band jamming out. They were quite talented and that's when I discovered that Korea really DOES have some real music -- tucked away in magical places just waiting to be found; hidden behind all that utterly manufactured K-Pop trash (that I find so very intoxicating...)

Just past the stage were some fancy-smancy resorts that I would one day like to go stay in for fun. Maybe when Aunt Barbara comes to visit me...Aunt B? And just beyond that, we found some cotton candy. And never do I pass up a chance to eat some cotton candy. Nu-uh.
At one point, my friends and I wanted to have our picture taken in front of the lake together, so we had one of these sweet Ajummas take it. My friend gave the woman her smart phone to take the picture and -- bless her heart -- the sweet, old woman couldn't figure out why she couldn't see the image through the camera viewfinder...or even find the viewfinder for that matter! My friend ran over and showed her that the image appears on the screen and that you don't have to look through a viewfinder to see what you are shooting, since it is a phone. So when things were finally sorted, she ran back and we all posed. But what happened next? The poor woman squinted one eye shut again as she attempted to peer through the viewfinder once again. Long story short (seriously, we were there for a while!), she finally figured it out after a small mob of people formed around her and began coaching her on phone-camera usage. Lil' cutie.

I can say with certainty that one of the greatest things about Korea are all the flowers and trees during Spring. It is truly gorgeous here at this time of the year. So if you ever decide to book a trip to Korea...definitely come in the Springtime! 

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