Sunday, April 8, 2012

"Englishi Villagi"

Seems I’ve disappeared from the blogosphere lately. Wow, that sounded nerdy. Truly, I’ve been so busy. So busy that I’m making lists constantly just to keep everything straight. So busy that I pass out at 9 o’clock PM on a daily basis. It’s this crazy (yet, wonderful) new job, I tell ya!

I work at an English Village now. It’s a fairly large facility on the University campus with many “situational” classrooms, including a doctor’s office and pharmacy, a police station, a grocery store, a kitchen for cooking class, a travel agency, and there are even dorms for the children to stay overnight in. We put on 4-day camps for different schools of 5th graders around town. That means – yes – 4-day weeks. And, more importantly, 3-day weekends, every weekend. Another sweet perk: One of the classes I teach is yoga. Yes, yoga. It’s been three weeks now and already I can feel muscles resurfacing that I haven’t seen since my string beans days as a college freshmen. Nice-uh.

My other two classes are Medical and Speaking class. Speaking focuses on pronunciation. The differences between R and L; F and B and P;  S and Sh. I will ensure that these children leave saying, “Yes, you can sit next to me,” and not, “Yes, you can shit next to me.” Hey. It’s a really common pronunciation mistake for Koreans!

Medical class is fun. It involves daily wheelchair and crutch races. I made sure of that. I also get to dress up like a doctor. Score. There’s even a blood pressure machine in the pharmacy area, so the kids and I sometimes play with that between classes. Really, this place is just a great big jungle gym for me.

I work with five other native English speakers. They’re awesome. As you can see… This video was for my speaking class, made by three monkeys in a jail (yes, we have a jail, too!). I’ve since cut the song from my lesson plan, however this is too good to delete.

The hours here are so much longer than my previous gig. It can be seriously exhausting sometimes. Thus, my passing out early with the old folk. Twice a week I am actually away from my house for a full 12 hours. Twelve hours, man! Luckily, we have several breaks throughout the day. This allows for time to sneak off to the gym after lunch. Or to grab some coffee when my brain is no longer firing off the neurons needed to raise my left arm.

University jobs are great. More vacation time. More pay. To those seeking a job in Korea – I highly recommend skipping over EPIK and TaLK and going straight for a Uni job instead. Or, if you prefer elementary children as I do, an English Village. They may require previous teaching experience, but hey -- it's worth a shot to at least apply! That's what I did with not even a year of experience, and it worked out! You can check places like Dave's ESL Cafe for job listings.

P.S. Welcome to my new apartment: 
 It's pretty.

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