Monday, May 21, 2012

The Month of Volunteering

Last month was a busy one for me and my volunteer group. I'm really quite proud of this little avocation of mine. We've come a long way since this time last year, anyway. I even made a website for us recently, so you know we're big-time now: (Check it out -- I'm a proud mama)

It all started with an open mic night fundraiser. We raked in a few hundred thousand won from selling our handmade goods: jewelry, paintings, etc. Our waygookin talent filled the coffee-laced air with their sweet tunes. And a raffle was had. All-in-all....a massive headache to plan, but the execution was a success, I think.

The very next day, we set out to raise even more money at the local Cherry Blossom festival. Not so lucky this time around. What started out as a great opportunity (you see, we were awarded the spot by the citywide volunteers organization) quickly turned to rain and thus, visitors were few and far between. We ended up painting the faces of the few children who never really seemed to leave us; but we didn't have the heart to charge them for every tree and rose and dragon that we brushed onto their plump, little cheeks...and arms. And hands.


But the hard work paid off, as hard work always does. The following weekend, a highly successful riverside cleanup event was carried out. Dozens upon dozens of bags were filled and even some of our students came out to help. This particular event didn't require much money though, so our funds went instead towards the English program that we have recently set up for a handful of highschoolers at the local orphanage who can't afford to attend a private academy.

Volunteering really makes such a difference in a community, and, as you can see -- it's truly possible to be a part of anywhere you are in the world! There's always someone or something in need of assistance, if you just keep an eye out for it. I encourage everyone to look more closely at where you are needed and just take the plunge right into it. It's never something that you will regret. 

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