Teach in Korea

Here is what I can recommend:
  • TaLK (Teach and Learn in Korea) - This is the program I started out with. I worked 15 hrs/week, make a little over 1.5 million won (about $1300) per month, and was provided with a free furnished apartment and well as insurance. There's a one-month orientation at the beginning of the term where you receive training and tips, as well as free Korean culture trips. Airfare to Korea is covered. Hmmm...what else? Oh, this is one of the few teaching abroad opportunities that doesn't require you to have a degree. As long as you've finished two years of college, you can apply. It's a great starting point. Get on it!
  • EPIK (English Program in Korea) - This is the main program in Korea. With this one, you are required to fulfill a one-year contract and you work about 22 hours a week. But you make a bit more money. Airfare and insurance are, again, covered. And I believe there is a one-week orientation. 

Both programs are affiliated with the Korean Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology and the National Institute for International Education (NIIED), so they are reputable and government-sponsored.

  • You can also check out Dave's ESL Cafe for lots of other opportunities. I recommend checking out University and English Village jobs if you have a little experience. The pay and benefits are almost always better. :) Good luck!


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